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Free Assessment

Learn about your specific fitness needs with a free physical assessment that will inform and empower you to achieve more from your workout.

We offer a comprehensive fitness program that begins the moment you walk in the door with your Free Assessment.

Our highly trained staff will determine your specific workout needs—both strengths and weaknesses—which will enable them to create a program to not simply measure your progress, but to address any physical issues that may be stalling your progress. Our goal is to help you achieve your Goals, by removing as many barriers as possible – we build ongoing programs for you, we instruct you every time you get a new program, and we coach you every time you step into the gym. We may not be able to do the “heavy lifting” for you, but we will be here for you every step of the way.

Individualized Workout Program

A typical gym can be overwhelming – Machines, moving parts, weights and plates. Then picking the right exercises and number of sets and reps, and strength training can seem an overwhelming problem best avoided. But that’s where The Strong Side offers the complete solution.

From your initial physical assessment we create your perfect training program. And this programming is reassessed and rewritten each month, ensuring you never plateau and your progress is maintained. Because this is a program written just for you, it is the perfect fit for you.

We will always work with you to create a plan of action that will focus on your goals, prioritizing the right areas to keep you healthy and make you strong.

Discover a stronger, healthier you, with your individualized workout, built specifically for you starting from your initial assessment.

Managed Personal Progress

We provide you with the necessary knowledge, tools for improvement, and the resources for self-help that you can use in every area of your life.

Spending a few hours a week at the gym does not translate to complete fitness. To get the most out of your workout plan it’s important to understand that exercising is just part of the whole equation, which includes outside-the-gym activities, such as proper nutrition and a quality night’s sleep.

The Strong Side is dedicated to helping you achieve a complete level of fitness. Our team is there to provide you with insight and knowledge that can help you manage all aspects of your well-being in order to get the most from all your workouts and realize your goals.

Active Rehab

Strong Side Conditioning has a proven system that looks comprehensively at your Active Rehabilitation (AR) needs and beyond. When your Active Rehab has achieved it’s goal, we are ready to take you to next level and train your body to be more injury resistant and ready for any and all of your physical needs.

You’re injury does not define you. The AR program begins with an appointment and a specialized assessment with a kinesiologist to get to the root of your injury. 

You are unique. So are we.

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