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The Strong Side Experience

Individualized programming develop based off of personal goals and extensive assessment process. Specific phases with initial one on one training and on going support and attention for each new phase. Periodized planning, so that each phase progresses you from one to the next phase towards your goals. As much as attention as you need at a fraction of the cost of one on one training.


Team Training

We make athletes stronger. Period. All sports come with specification to a certain roll within that sport. Those specific movements can lead to imbalances that can prevent progress or set up an athlete for injury. We want to shore you up – making you stronger, fast and more resilient – without negatively impacting  your performance. We will periodize, plan and schedule your training to have you at your best for your most important competitions, games and meets.


Nutritional Coaching and Biosignature Testing

Come in for an overhaul into the way you eat and supplement to achieve your results fast. Biosignature Caliper testing is a more advanced skin fold caliper testing that allows us to determine how you can adjust various factors in your daily life to to obtain optimal physiology: It could changing your macro nutrient ratios, to cutting out hormone altering products that may be sabotaging your health.


One on One Training

55 min sessions with a personal trainer: For those who may need more support and attention when starting out on a new fitness journey – For those who want each rep evaluated, constant encouragement, and additional confidence to push your limits safely.

We are a results-based training facility.

That means getting the results you want in less time per week than you’d think.

But we won’t put you through high-pressure sales tactics, there are no small offices and un-cancelable contracts. Just good information and quality advice.

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