Active Rehab – Strong Side Conditioning
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Strong Side Conditioning has a proven system that looks comprehensively at your active rehabilitation (AR) needs and beyond. When your active rehab has achieved it’s goal, we are ready to take you to next level and train your body to be more injury resistant and ready for any and all of your physical needs.

Have you recently been in a motor vehicle incident with an open ICBC claim or have clients that were in a motor vehicle incident and have an open ICBC claim?

  • If yes, and you are hoping for ICBC to cover the costs of your training, contact us to discuss what this will look like and how the process begins.

  • Please have your claim number, and adjuster’s name and phone number ready. We may also need a doctor’s note recommending active rehabilitation.

If your injury is not due to a motor vehicle incident, we may still be the right fit for you and your rehabilitation and training needs.

  • Regardless of how you’ve been injured, your recovery is of the utmost importance to us. We don’t want you to just feel like you used to, but to feel stronger and more confident than before your injury.

How is the Active Rehabilitation (AR) system different from our regular training system?

  • Active Rehabilitation is targeted to clients that have experienced a traumatic injury such as a motor vehicle incident, sports injury or work related injury.

  • The focus of AR is re-train your neuromuscular and proprioceptive systems to regain normal functional movement while decreasing the compensatory patterns that developed as a result of the initial injury.

  • The AR system begins with an initial assessment with a kinesiologist. Depending on your specific accident, your kinesiologist will discuss a program consisting of either 2 or 3 training days per week, compared to the regular system that offers 3, 4, or 5 training days per week.

  • There is always the option to transfer to a regular membership once there has been sufficient success through rehabilitation, and will be an ongoing discussion with the kinesiologist.

Note: We directly bill ICBC once sessions have been approved.