About Our Gym – Strong Side Conditioning
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We Are The Strong Side.

Our Mission is your improvement. Period.

Mission Statement –

Our mission is to elevate the quality of training in British Columbia by creating a system that provides the tools, education, and coaching to aid you toward your goals without taking away the self accountability that helps make real progress possible.

Our Gym –

A typical gym membership gains you access to equipment, but not the education to do the gym right. Great if you know how to program for your goals, while paying attention to your own issues. What happens to the people who don’t know where to start, don’t know how to do any of the exercises, or are unaware that their bodies are not perceiving poor damaging form? Or the people who have been training for a long time, but are now feeling their bodies breakdown or can’t push through their plateaus?

So, we’re taking the next step at Strong Side Conditioning. We offer a supervised gym experience where highly qualified trainers are there to help you when you need it, instead of when they need new clients. We program for you. We teach you your personal program. We teach you how to progress through the weeks. We are here for you when you forget, are unsure or need a spot. And this all repeats every time you finish a program, keeping you progressing, and focused month after month.

This isn’t personal training. This you training, with experienced guidance, when you need it. This helps us keep costs lower for members compared to one on one training where a trainer spends every minute of every session with you.

Let’s start your experience with a comprehensive assessment, completely free, so we know exactly where to start you off. Think of it as a story, you already know your desired ending, the assessment will help determine your beginning, and together we can fill in the journey.

It’s all about you. The you that is an individual, with your own goals and issues. Stay an individual and get what you really want and need – no filler.

You are unique. So are we.

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